7th International Conference on Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

64th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Imaging (DGKN)
4th European Conference of Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry
10-14 November 2020 • virtual

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Main Programme (PDF)



The member companies of the "Voluntary Self-Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (FSA) eV" have more narrowly defined the FSA code to ensure more transparency.
In future, congress organisers are obliged to inform potential congress participants in advance about the scope and terms of the support of the pharmaceutical industry. We fulfil this obligation and inform you about the amount of the sponsorship of companies involved:

Akcea Therapeutics Germany GmbH: Industrysymposium - 20.000€
ANT Neuro GmbH: booth – 4.500€
Axilum Robotics SAS: booth – 3.000€
BIOPAC Systems, Inc. : booth – 1.700€
Bittium Biosignals Oy: company page – 4.500€
Brainbox LTD: booth – 5.000€
GW Pharma Limited: booth – 12.000€
Hormosan Pharma GmbH: company page, Industrysymposium – 16.500€
Localite GmbH: booth – 3.000€
Natus Europe GmbH: booth – 500€
neuroCare Group GmbH: booth – 3.000€
NeuroCes: booth – 1. 200€
Neuroelectrics SLU: booth – 2.250€
Neurosoft: booth – 2.550€
Nexstim Germany GmbH: booth – 12.200€
Pfizer Pharma GmbH: company page und Industrysymposium – 24.000€
Rogue Research Inc.: company page – 2.250€
Shenzhen Yingchi Technology Co., Ltd.: company page – 2.550€
Sooma Medical: company page – 1.950€
Soterix Medical: booth – 5.100€
STORZ MEDICAL AG: company page – 3.050€
The Magstim: booth – 2.550€